Why do you choose me for outdoor training?

I love to training outside! The fresh air, the sun and not the same exercises like in the gym give me motivation for training. And I’m 100% sure this workout is perfect for you too! I have some equipment (for example TRX) what can we use during the session what guarantee that our training won’t be boring. This training is perfect for make better your cardio and makes you stronger. Try it tomorrow with me.

5 benefits of training outdoor

1. Sunshine

Vitamin D we get from exposure to the sun has awesome benefits (when you do it in moderation, obvs). Its a common treatment for depression and other mood disorders. Unsurprising really when you thin about how fabulous you feel when you step into sun rays. Endorphins (which lift your mood)are released by the body when you get some sun. Yahoo!

2. Mental Stimulation

Get outside for mental stimulation that indoor exercise just doesn’t seem to give. Staring at the same 4 walls of your house or gym can be pretty dull, so take it outside for some brain stimulation and give your mind a workout too!

3. Psychological Benefits

An increasing amount of research shows outdoor activity is great for the mind. Exercising amongst trees and wildlife can give you a healthy mood boost and can help to combat anxiety and stress. Bonus points if you take your shoes off to feel the grass on your feet.

4. New Exercises

Despite claims that machines are a great simulation of the real thing, using a treadmill day in and day out will use the same muscles. Step outside for different inclines and street camber to switch on those muscles you never thought you had!

5. More varied workout

Outside you’ll find different terrain that can’t properly be simulated in the studio. You hit hills and different surfaces (think  grade, mud, concrete, gravel) and flex limbs in different ways to handle it. Isn’t that more fun than the cross trainer with a TV?!
Csaba Serak

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