Upper-Chest Focused Workout

If it is Monday, International Chest Day then! I wanna share for you now a great upper-chest focused, muscle-gaining chest workout. Why do you have to focused more the upper part of your chest? How should you train if you doing mass-building workouts? Which exercises are the best for this? The answers in the article!

Mass-Building Workouts

Mass workouts for chest are characterized by a few important concepts: reliance on multijoint exercises in a mass-producing rep range, multiple bench angles for the greatest possible overall growth, and sufficient volume and intensity to boost the hormonal response. After warming up, the workouts below start off with a weight that’s just a bit more geared toward strength (failure at about 6 reps) than a normal hypertrophy-based workout (failure at 8-12). That’s because you’re typically strongest at the start of your workout, making it the best time to tackle those heavier weights.

Because I’m not a big fan of doing multiple exercises for a target area from highly similar angles—such as doing barbell bench presses and then dumbbell presses, both on a flat bench—in the first three routines, the second movement is instead done from a slightly different angle than the first. The use of an adjustable bench allows you to work in between bench angles, since incline and decline barbell bench racks have fixed bench angles and are normally fairly steep.

While many programs follow a pyramid scheme in which you use an increasingly heavier weight, the workouts below are based on reverse pyramids, which allow you to take more total sets to failure. After warming up, you go right to your heaviest 1-2 sets and go full tilt, reducing the weight just a bit on follow-up sets that account for accumulating fatigue but still require that you take them to failure. Reduce the weight by about 5-10 percent, which is shown by the higher rep target.

You finish with a higher-rep single-joint movement, which effectively helps you complete your workout with a muscle pump.

Mass-Building Upper-Chest Workout

Whether you’re targeting your upper pecs because they’re lagging or you cycle through various regions of your chest periodically for growth, this workout hits the incline multiple times. It’s worth noting that the incline bench presses don’t simply repeat an angle you’ve already done; they include modest and steeper bench angles.

The incline barbell bench provides a fixed bench angle, so decrease the degree of incline significantly when you hit your dumbbell bench press. In addition, do the Hammer Strength incline chest press by sitting crosswise on the machine so you can push across your body and up, torching your upper chest a in an unique way. Do the movement one arm at a time, then finish off with a single-joint exercise for the upper pecs to get that muscle pump.

Csaba Serak