The benefits of massage therapy in bodybuilding

Two weeks ago I get injured on my right shoulder. I tried to improve it with creams (Voltaren and Tiger Balsam), stretching, foam roll, trigger ball… but definitely the best and biggest help was the massage. But the massage great fir improve your fitness performance. The benefits of massage in bodybuilding may increase your competitiveness by enhancing your performance and helping you reach your physical potential.

Range of Motion

Muscle tightness limits range of motion, and lifting with tight muscles can lead to injury. Massage stretches bundles of your muscle fibers lengthwise and sideways to improve tissue elasticity. Massage treatments help release tension and pressure by stretching the sheath or fascia around your muscles. Muscular scar tissue can promote inflexibility and increase your risk of injury and pain. Massage can restore mobility by breaking down scar tissue caused by overtraining, previous injuries or trauma.


Muscles need recovery nutrients to repair damage and grow for bodybuilding. Massage speeds up your recovery time by increasing muscle tissue permeability and opening micro-circulation. A deep massage increases tissue permeability by opening pores that enable fluids and nutrients to pass through more effectively. This removes waste products, such as lactic acid, that accumulate while training and inhibit muscular contraction.

Muscle Tone

Massage supports a well-defined bodybuilding physique by increasing circulation that improves your muscle tone. Damaged or tight muscle tissues do not hold blood well and diminish your muscle tone. Your massage therapist may use a pumping technique to move fluid through blood vessels and lymph nodes. Pumping involves increasing the pressure at the front of the stroke to create a vacuum effect in your vessels. This improves muscle tone by helping damaged and tight tissues get nutrients required for growth and repair.

Sport Injury Prevention

You can treat or prevent injuries while bodybuilding by getting a regular sports massage. Find a sports massage therapists who studied sports therapy, physiotherapy or sports rehabilitation, and have him administer massages to treat or prevent injuries related to bodybuilding. Skilled sports massage therapists can identify and treat muscle tightness as well as trigger points and scar tissues that might increase your risk of injury.

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