Spirit of the music

Obviously the music for me is like the air: I can’t breath without it. I need for wake up, for relaxing and for my workout. Because I’m a hug music fan sometimes I make DJ SET-s mix the House, Trance, DanceĀ  style. But the music not only for me important, for you also. Choose the right music for your workout is important to do the maximum.

Listening to music keeps the mind busy, helping to break the monotony even when the workout becomes tired. While processing a tone, rhythm or melody, the brain does a lot of work to interpret and enjoy the song. So when you put your favorite number in training, you absorb your brain, less bored and consequently you will continue to do so.

According to a study at Ohio State University, those who listened to music while walking walked on average four miles more than those without music. This is probably because music distracted us from the difficulty of the task. It is also used by the London Halfmatch, Race to the Beat, where they motivate the participants with continuous loud music.

In addition to stretching exercises, stimulating songs increase strength and endurance. One of the researches of the effect of music on muscle resilience also revealed that musicians were able to withstand the two-handed dumbbells much longer than those with whom only white rumors were heard. Another experiment investigated the effect on tensile strength, where subjects studying the most frightening songs also achieved better results.

What kind of music do you choose?

Okay, the benefits of music are unquestionable, but the question arises: Which one is the most effective? X-Men Witch Hugh Jackman has admitted to contactmusic.com that he uses his favorite metal music as an adrenaline bundle during his training, and especially he swears to Metallica and Godsmack.

According to Aaron Bradley TV composer, Music for Muscles founder, there are also types of music irrespective of individual taste, which are typically ideal for hardship. Based on this, he compiled a motivational soundtracket specifically for weight lifting, in addition to the popular rap and rock tracks, also featured dramatic battleships music to further enhance the mood and imitate a real fight.

Of course, not everyone should feel like a hero when kidding. For somebody, this works, somebody else, but it’s certainly safe to coordinate music with the movement. Here comes the tempo that you can read in the next section of the article.