No matter how healthy you are, it can be common to have some pains and niggles which occur over time. Most of the time this won’t even happen in the gym. This is what we call life. Don’t worry if you have some obstacles, I have some of my own, of course. The idea is to rectify the problem so you can keep doing what you need to do. You can have lower-back pain, tight hip-flexors or knee pain, I can help.

High blood pressure, ski or here in Australia the football (rugby) also can cause injuries. Lots of people running to the doctors to fix these injuries/consideration but you have to know the doctors tools are limited. You need a strong and healthy body again and you can achieve this faster and more successful with personal trainer.

The aim is with deep muscle and strength component rectify your posture. We, together activate your muscles that have fallen asleep and bring everything in line again. Walking and standing proud to feel like you have taken 10 years off your age.

I work together with massage therapist and physiotherapist to rehabilitate the problem area in you body. Our knowledge guarantee, you will have a painless and happy life for a long time.

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