You don’t have time to go to the personal trainer because you schedule is chaotic? Or you are not live in Sydney but you want to train with me? The online coaching is your best option what you can choose! I will set up your 6 week training program and the 6 week meal plan and with ongoing support I help you to achieve your fitness goal. Simple, right? Let’s see how is it working.


All my clients programs are delivered to them via a software app called Trainerize what they can use in free.

Trainerize is a web and smartphone (iphone & android apps included) software tool that allows me to build custom programs and for clients to track their workout. Things like exercise notes, demonstration videos and rest timers are all built in.

STEP 1: Inquire TODAY

To get started, fill out the the form below.

STEP 2: Pre-exercise Questionnaire

Before I start to set up for you the new program I need to collect all the relevant information about your current and past exercises and diet. I need to know about your past and current injuries and about your health condition.

STEP 3: FREE Skype Consultation

Once I receive your application, I will book your complimentary Skype consultation.

STEP 4: Training Program / Meal Plan Program

After I get the information from you I will set up your programs for a 6 week period. I also will give you a long-term recommendation to how can you keep your improvements in your fitness.

STEP 5: Ongoing Support

I give you an ongoing electronic support by the Trainerize app and once a week a 30min Skype consultation.


If you follow my program, I guarantee your result after the first week.

personalised personal training, personalised online coaching from Csaba Serak – Sydney personal trainer



  • 6 week Ongoing Support
  • 6 week Workout Plan
  • 6 week Meal Plan
  • Supplement recommendation
  • Online Exercise Diary
  • Video / Pictures guide
  • Warm-Up & Stretching Routine

$249/6 week