NO more chicken legs: Calf

As you know from my social media I quiet struggle with my calves. Why? Because I’m 6’4 (194cm) tall and I’m not that lucky who born with a good genetic, plus I never did any sport in my childhood what could help to growing them. But! I never fed up and I fight for my calves. I write down some training fact and personal opinion about it for you.

The Calf anatomy

Let’s first go over the anatomy of the calf muscles in order to better understand how to formulate the best workout.

The Gastrocnemius:

The gastrocnemius are the most noticeable muscles in the lower leg, and the most worked through weightlifting and everyday tasks. The gastrocnemius is able to be seen most when standing up.

The Soleus:

The soleus is responsible for helping your body stand up from a seated position. In bodybuilding terms, it makes the back of your lower leg wider. The soleus is most felt when sitting down.

Training calf, facts

  • same muscle as your shoulder, forearms…
  • you have to target each part of the calf (standing and seated exercises)
  • need 2 workout for calves / week ( 1 strength, 1 hypertrophy)

When you create your calf training program, always keep front of you that you have to target all of your muscles in the lower leg. You have to do standing and seated exercises also to get strong and big calves. Good news you can training them with any another body parts, not necessary to training them with a full legs workout.

My favorite calf exercise

You need a little balance for this exercise. But because you leg and body is unstable all of the legs muscle is under attention all the time: no rest during the workout for the target muscle.

Find a high ground where you standing on only on your toes. Do a full range of motion movement with your feet ( all the way up and all the way down). If you want to feel more the exercise: take off you shoes.

The calf workout program

DAY 1 – 8 reps, 3 sets (Strength)

DAY 2 – 20 reps, 3 sets (Hypertrophy)

Csaba Serak